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Organization History of Moro Women Center


            The genocidal campaign against the Moro people had just started and have no promise to end yet. In 1974, the famous massacre in malisbong happened in Palimabng Sultan Kudarat. In this campaign, a whole Muslim village was blazed to the grounds and Moro women where shot to death while women and children were arrested and broth to a nearby Marines and Navy’s boat anchored on the seahorse and is constantly shelling the community, while in the naval boat, all women raped from ages nine up to sixty years old after one day and one night in boat, three thousand (3,000) women and children detainees were released and place them in one community along the seahorse. Most of them lost their sanity due to grave torture during interrogations.


            Along 1.5000 men from age eleven to seventy (11-70) year old were massacred inside the mosque (Muslim Church). More the 300 houses burned and million of property lost. A few years passed it was 1977 another massacred and heavy militarization launched. Joint by Arm Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and paramilitary group in coastal town of South Cotabato. All houses of Moro Muslim in five municipalities were burned. Thousand of women and children raped and abduct. After the long experience (1974-83) of this injustice, the widow and orphaned youth organizes themselves into group and stand with their own and fight against the injustices. In short, the Moro Women Center organized April 18, 1984 in Barangay Tuyan Malapatan, South Cotabato and it expanded Kiamba, Maasim, Glan and Alabel.


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MWCI obtains much of its finances from Handicraft selft help project.


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3. Small scale Handicraft Weaving Projects (Bags, wallet, cloth, scarf, necklace, bracelets, mat, wall, décor and malong)